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How to stop the drunken driving menace

August 29, 2009

This evening on a late night drive, my brother and I were wondering whether there is any way to stop drunken driving. The bad point, as pointed out by my brother, the drunk driver often escapes unhurt while his victims have to pay a very serious price for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So no amount of checks can probably stop drunken driving. But if for a moment we think out of the box, how about all cars come fixed with a gadget that can detect whether the person on the driving seat is drunk and if the guy on the driving seat is drunk then an inbuilt mechanism should lock the engine. And this gadget should be able to take a snap of the driver and be linked to Police Control room via satellite so that the driver can be arrested for attempting to drive while drunk.

If someone tries to play with this gadget then again the engine should get locked. Now it can be a good business for someone who can come out with this gadget and convince the governments around the globe to make it a law that all vehicles be fitted with this gadget.