My Musings on Environment

Driving down to office everyday I often curse my destiny that to earn my livelihood I have to drive for 2 hours to office but then if I look at things around me, I can’t help but wonder that I am lucky enough to drive through the greenest areas in the city. There is so much to admire about these green places amid the concrete jungle of the city. You see them in the different seasons, they look so beautiful in a sunny morning followed by heavy rains. Those bright green leaves reflecting the sunlight. When you see those flower bloom in the spring time… that natural pattern of flowers in various hues and colors.  And suprisingly, I never get bored of admiring them. Everyday there is something new to observe and appreciate. This also makes me think quite often, that why have we paved great breadths of the pavements that are hardly used by the pedestrians. Why dont we plant grass, the bushes, some small trees. In cities like Delhi, we often see trees falling down in a heavy downpour. It happens because the area around trees is paved and that restricts the water seeping down to the roots; as a result of which roots weaken and cannot hold the ground beneath around them and the tree just falls down. Now instead of paving the areas around trees, why dont we plants grass, the grass will serve dual purpose of stopping the soil erosion and at the same time ensuring the seeping of water to the needy roots. And we can pave a strip broad enough to allow smooth passage of pedestrians.

Greenery is must if we have to save this planet then let us plant as many as we can and let us plant it right and plant the right plants for the right places. It can be a good business.. isn’t it?

Another thing that often intrigues, and does truly intrigue me, that why can’t we have street lights running on solar cells. What the hell on this planet is stopping the governments of the metropolitan cities from implementing solar lights. If anyone dare say that cost is an issue then cost is a NO ISSUE. The economy of scale in replacing the existing light with solar lights will heavily bring down the cost and moreover we should go in for those LED bulbs that would take much less energy and last longer. These are drastic times that require drastic efforts. Can I look at this blog of mine as some kind of intiation to bring people forward who have similar ideas and wish to do something. I don’t wish to get involved into an effort that is already taking place. The reason is that getting involved with an organisation means that I will be doing more of transactional work instead of analytical work; I will be implementing someone’s else policies.. I think something is wrong somewhere, because we all know that the threat of environment degradation is looming large on our heads and we do experience the effects of global warming in our day to day lives… summers are hotter, rains are are abrupt and unusually heavy and winters are chiller, so why don’t we see significant tangible changes in our lives to curb this menace.

Leave a comment, if you agree with my views, maybe we can do something collectively…

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